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Revenue, expenses, traction and many other metrics that reveal the overall health of your business

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Cohort Value

Easily spot high value customers with spikes in the customer LTV in this chart.

This chart looks at all the customer cohorts you’ve signed up by month and tells you which ones have paid you the most.

Customer Distribution

Easily see if your revenue is concentrated in too few customers

This chart shows you what % of your customers make up what % of your corresponding revenue.

User Retention

Are you keeping your customers?

Retention curves tell you what % of your customers that you signed up in a specific month are still paying/active today.

Metrics for makers

Cohort churn, User retention, Quick ratio, Cohort LTV, CDF and P&L are just the beginning. We know there are many other metrics that are important to makers.

We are working to add more charts with relevant metrics for your business.

More coming soon!


We integrate with the software you already use.

More coming soon, help us prioritize.

Plans & Pricing

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  • Charts - Retention, Cohort, CDF
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  • Metrics - All
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We track everything and constantly wonder about which pricing to test worked, if our churn is good or bad, and if we're spending too much relative to other founders. Maker Metrics helps us answer that quickly. We connected our Stripe and Quickbooks and use the reports weekly!
I use lots of tools for tracking, including a bunch of in house stuff we built. Maker Metrics saves me time by showing me charts and data I haven't seen elsewhere like customer concentration curves and stacked LTV curves that help us think about pricing.
Assessing the health of my many side projects has always been a challenge. I developed Maker Metrics to streamline data collection and analyse important metrics to help me keep my projects on track.

Frequently Asked Questions


We hope we can help more founders create healthy software company, so we've made the core of Maker Metrics free for everyone.


We only request read access to your data to analyse and help identify key metrics.


It's your data, only you can see it (later we'll ways for you to share it with others.)

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Revenue, expenses, traction and many other metrics that reveal the overall health of your business

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